2016 Focus RS Custom Stage 1 Tune

2016 Focus RS Custom Stage 1 Tune

Something new in the shop this week at JST Performance. Joe Holcomb from Atlanta,GA made the drive down to our shop in his brand new 2016 Ford Focus RS to have a Cobb Accessport installed and a custom dyno tune calibrated specifically for his RS.

Joe has put about 3000 miles on the car in a very short amount of time and really enjoys tearing up the streets (and hopefully very soon an HPDE event). He was already impressed with the power of the completely stock Focus RS, but decided it was already time for more power as well as improved drivability.

After disconnecting the RDU ( what powers the rear wheels on the RS) we started off the day by making 3 baseline dyno pulls. The car fairly consistently made runs of 296,296,294 with only a small amount of cool down time between runs. This is a testament to the increased cooling capability of the Oem RS intercooler vs the Oem ST intercooler. While this is greatly improved over the Focus ST, there is a lot of room left on the table. Better fuel and an upgraded intercooler unit will definitely lead to much more power, tq, and consistency.

On to the good stuff! After a baseline of 296/348 Tq at the front wheels, we loaded the Cobb "off the shelf" Stage 1 tune and was able to see gains of around 25whp and 25wtq with the Cobb flash alone. However, after a few hours of street and dyno testing, Our JSTUNED JST Performance Custom Stage 1 tune put out an impressive 345 WHP and 403 Ft-Lbs of TQ.

Joe was very impressed with the increased power, increased torque, reduced turbo lag, remapped throttle on the normal, sport, and track modes, as well as the general improvements to drivability.

It was a very fun day here at the shop, and we look forward to seeing many more Focus RS's here at JST Performance!

Stock Baseline Results:


JSTuned Stage 1 Tune Results:


UPDATE 3/9/17

We were pretty excited to have Joe Holcomb back in the shop yesterday (3/8/17) for an e30 fuel upgrade to his dyno tune. Joe was the first Focus RS that we had the privilege to tune and has been running our custom dyno tune for about 20k miles now! He has a fairly simple setup that consists of just a COBB Accessport, our Custom E30 tune, drop in filter, 1 step colder plugs, and Catback exhaust.

We were able to pull an impressive 400.2whp and 451lbs of tq. This same car put down 296whp completely stock on our dyno just a few months ago! 


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