2018 Honda Civic Type R Dyno Results, Custom Dyno Tune

2018 Honda Civic Type R Dyno Results, Custom Dyno Tune

It's been about 6 months since we purchased our Civic Type R for R&D purposes. Since then she has seen 11 track days and competed at the Gridlife South Festival, securing 1st place in Street FWD class. Although we have had to overcome a few flaws from the factory, she has been an absolute blast to drive on track!

The factory tires corded during our first track event and were replaced with Enkei Wheels along with some Federal 595 RS-RR tires (time attack class legal tires). As many people know by now, the Type R suffers from overheating issues when pushing the limits on track. To combat this, we upgraded the radiator, intercooler, front grill, and heat wrapped the downpipe, which allowed for us to get more than a few laps in before the power was robbed from the car. Being a custom tune shop, we were biting at the bit to throw a custom tune on our development car, but there really was no reason to until we could control the overheating!

Once we felt that the overheating issues were under control and the car could handle a little more horsepower, we decided to start on the tuning process via Ktuner.

The car baselined at 287whp/260wtq on our dyno (stock with no mods)

On the Ktuner Stage 1 OTS tune with an upgraded intercooler and exhaust, she made 342whp/352wtq

She made an impressive 363whp/376wtq on our 93 octane "Stage 1" JSTUNED Custom Tune. Not only was there a little more power to be had with a custom tune, the power band feels much more consistent and response is just phenomenal. The car feels like a completely different animal on track!

Power mods include a PRL Motorsports Intercooler and Invidia Catback exhaust and Front pipe. Stock Downpipe, stock intake.

We are excited to see what the 2019 Time Attack season holds for the Civic Type R as we develop further and introduce new sponsors and partners for our build!

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