The JST Performance 2015 Focus ST

The JST Performance 2015 Focus ST

We originally purchased our 2015 Focus ST to be a top contender as a national level autocross prospect. It was our intention to build the car to fit in the SCCA stock autocross classing, however, since then the car has undergone many changes and modifications that have put it out of the stock classing rule set. The FoST is scheduled to compete in the 2016 Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta with our ProTuner/Driver, Brian Tyson. In the meantime, we are currently striving to break the stock turbo record with our current set up.

Our Focus ST was purchased in April 2015 after trading in our Subie Autosport 2015 Subaru STi. (The focus was much more appealing to us for handling for autocross and track purposes)

Not too long after purchasing the FoST, we decided to test out her handling capabilities at our favorite local road course, Roebling Road Raceway. She turned in a 1.27 (pretty impressive time for being completely stock)

Not too long after Roebling, we got track fever again and decided to head up to our other local track, Road Atlanta. It was a pretty hot summer day and with 2 drivers running hot laps, the car had a little bit of an issue keeping temps low enough for the car to reach peak power. Regardless, the best we got was a 1.51 with new Hankook RS3s only!

Of course, the Focus ST has made multiple appearances at local autocross events and has taken home an FTOD trophy or 2 ;)

In the midst of our autocross and track preparations, we got a little sidetracked with trying out our Pro-Tuner's skills at tuning a fast drag racing Focus (why not, right?!) We have been pretty impressed with the results of our personal tunes so much that we have decided to shoot for the stock turbo record! It is so close, we can almost taste it!


13.2 @106.6

Stage 3, E85, Worn Hankook RS3s

13.1 @ 107.7

Stage 3, RGA, Radials

And WE DID IT!! The Jst Performance Focus ST runs a 12.92 @ 107.69, making it the current fastest stock turbo FoST!!

Record Breaking Modification List:

JSTUNED Stage 3 Custom Tune (93/E85/RGA Tune)

Levels FMIC

Turbosmart BOV

Green Air Filter

MBRP Downpipe

MBRP Catback

Stay tuned for more details as we prep our Focus for the upcoming Time Attack season!!

Well, we decided to increase the power of our Focus ST by adding a Big Turbo to her mod list! We decided to go with the GTX2867r with the .64 housing, mainly for track reasons. We wanted more power but did not want to sacrifice the quick spool that the stock turbo offers. While the spool on this turbo is pretty quick, it still lags a bit compared to the stock turbo. It is our hopers that the slightly slower the spool is just enough to keep the wheel spin under control coming out of corners until we have the chance to put in a real LSD.

 Current Modifications:

JSTUNED Big Turbo Custom Tune (93/E85/RGA Tune)

GTX2867r .64

Levels FMIC

Tial BOV

Green Air Filter

MBRP Intake Tube

MBRP Downpipe

MBRP Catback

Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta draws near for the JST FoST. We are running street FWD class, so we decided to up her game a bit more with some Rivals mounted on our new, custom drilled 17x9 RPF1's. We also had a new decal set made for her, thanks to Toxic Vinyl!

GTA RD1 2016 Road Atlanta is officially in the books. We registered the JST FoST in Street FWD class, but unfortunately we were bumped up to Limited FWD because of a catless DP. This severely outclassed our car for competition, but we managed to finish in 4th place with a 1:44 anyways! The car would have taken a podium position in street class, which is pretty impressive for her first time competing against other time attack shop cars! Our times were slightly limited this weekend because of braking issues that plagued us throughout the event, but next year we will definitely be coming back stronger!! This is likely to be the last event ran by the Performance Blue JST FoST because we can't wait to get started on our new Focus ST full out time attack build!

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