ST/RS Basic Modification Path and Power Estimates

ST/RS Basic Modification Path and Power Estimates

One of our most frequently asked questions is "what kind of power numbers can I see for certain modifications on your custom tune", so we thought it would be a good idea to throw together a basic guide on the average numbers that we usually see. These numbers are just a basic guideline and do not serve as a guarantee for the numbers that you will see on your specific vehicle as maintenance and modification choices can and will affect the overall performance of each car.

All custom tuning is done via COBB Accessport.

Stage 1 - Stock, Custom Tune

     Focus ST - 93 Octane Fuel: 260whp/350wtq, e30 Mix: 270whp/370wtq

     Fiesta ST - 93 Octane Fuel: 200whp/260wtq, e30 Mix: 210whp/275wtq

     Focus RS - 93 Octane Fuel: 345whp/380wtq, e30 Mix: 355whp/390wtq

Stage 2 - Intercooler, Custom Tune

     Focus ST - 93 Octane Fuel: 270whp/360wtq, e30 Mix: 280whp/380wtq

     Fiesta ST - 93 Octane Fuel: 205whp/270wtq, e30 Mix: 215whp/285wtq

     Focus RS - 93 Octane Fuel: 355whp/390wtq, e30 Mix: 370whp/410wtq

Stage 3 - Intercooler, Downpipe, Custom Tune

     Focus ST - 93 Octane Fuel: 275whp/365wtq, e30 Mix: 285whp/385wtq

     Fiesta ST - 93 Octane Fuel: 210whp/275wtq, e30 Mix: 220whp/290wtq

     Focus RS - 93 Octane Fuel: 360whp/400wtq, e30 Mix: 380whp/420wtq

*One step colder spark plugs are always recommended when tuning, an upgraded intake or filter can also be beneficial.

**Catback exhausts do not usually add power.

*** Estimated numbers are based on STD corrections on our dyno (or a similar DynoJet dyno), estimated numbers can usually vary +/- 10whp/wtq

Focust ST Intercooler Options, Focus ST Downpipe Options

Fiesta ST Intercooler Options, Fiesta ST Downpipe Options

Focus RS Intercooler Options, Focus RS Downpipe Options

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