17x9" ET35 APEX EC-7R Forged 86/BRZ & WRX Wheel

$ 535.00

APEX is known for stocking many niche and spacer free fitments tailored specifically to a chassis. We’re releasing those same fitments… and more in our new forged line. Much lower production requirements will allow us to release a wider range of fitments that were previously off limits.

No centering rings required. All 86/BRZ specific 5x100mm bolt pattern wheels feature a direct-fit, 56.1mm center bore. ALL APEX wheels come with our Gloss Black cap included which is interchangeable with the OE cap. We offer optional red caps. The EC-7R wheels can be used with all 86/BRZ OEM and aftermarket mounting hardware with a 60° tapered seat (i.e Muteki, Project Kiks, etc). All APEX wheels accept OEM and aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors and standard fit valve stems.

Significant material was removed from the side of each spoke on our EC-7R to give it "I" beam like strength. Many wheels have webbing between spokes that create the illusion of side milling. We took material off the side to save weight. We didn’t add weight just for aesthetics.

Want to know how strong a wheel is? Look at the load rating. Many manufacturers simply rely on the word “forged” to imply strength when their actual load ratings are just as low as cast wheels. Ours were designed from the start to have measurably higher load ratings so they don’t just sound stronger, they are stronger. Companies that stick to JWL/VIA minimum loads are only 1190 lbs while ours are 1600 lbs.

The forged EC-7R improves on the original EC-7's already-phenomenal brake clearance, thanks to our high-clearance forged blanks. Forging allows us to reduce spoke thickness without compromising strength. As a result, the EC-7R has more brake clearance than any wheel we’ve ever made, and comfortably fits over large factory and aftermarket BBK’s including the popular Performance Package / TRD Brembo’s.

All our forged wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty and 1 year finish warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase.

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