ATP 13-14 Ford Focus ST 2.0L Front Mount Intercooler Kit, 600HP Garrett Core

$ 685.00
The 2013 to 2014 Focus STs and their 2.0L EcoBoost engine respond remarkably well to even the most basic of intake and tuning upgrades, but when you really get aggressive with your Focus ST modifications, the weak factory intercooler can get in your way and choke your ST off from making more power. ATP provides the perfect solution with their uprated, bolt-on performance intercooler kit that can handle applications of up to 600 horsepower and support just about anything you can throw at your aggressive hot hatch. ATP's intercooler has both a better flow rate and cooling capacity than stock to give your Focus ST excellent power gains right out of the gate.

Easy Bolt-On Intercooler Upgrade

ATP's intercooler measures 18"x10.5"x3" which gives it a larger surface area than stock while still being compact enough to bolt into the factory intercooler location without any cutting, welding, or other permanent modifications to your Focus. The intercooler is made out aluminum and features a patented core design from Garrett that allows for improved cooling and much less restrictions than stock to support all of your Focus ST's extremely powerful modifications.