AWE Tuning VW GTI/Golf R MK7 1.8T/2.0T 8V (MQB) Carbon Fiber AirGate Intake w/o Lid

$ 672.63
$ 639.00

Blow the top off. Presenting the AWE AirGate™ Carbon Intake for MQB vehicles.AirGate™ enables turbo sounds to be heard through the entire boost range. Constructed of genuine 2x2 carbon fiber, the AWE MQB AirGate™ Carbon Intake maintains appropriate water draining provisions while utilizing factory mounting points, integrating with the factory ram air inlet seamlessly. The S-FLO Filter: The included AWE S-FLO Filter is designed to ensure easy service and to maximize airflow by sitting in the direct path of ram air from the front inlet. This increased airflow unlocked maximum gains of 9 hp and 9 lb-ft of torque out of the Golf R, paired with stage 2 software. Upgrading options: The AirGate™ Carbon Intake can be purchased with or without the AirGate Lid. If you want to add the lid later, no problem.

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