Borla 2016+ Ford Focus RS Turbo 2.3L S-Type Catback Exhaust

$ 1,112.99

Borla Performance has released their S-Type Rear Section exhaust for the 2016-17 Ford Focus RS with 2.3L turbocharged engine. 

This S-Type sound level system features 3.0-inch piping into the muffler and dual 2.25-inch pipe exiting each muffler. Single round rolled angle-cut tips finish off the system.

Borla's patented and race bred muffler technology consistently provides the finest sound enhancements and performance exhaust system capabilities because every system incorporates performance mufflers designed specifically for each application.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Million Mile Warranty
  • Dual 4.0-inch Round Angle-cut Tips
  • Bolt-on fitment
  • Single split rear exit

Special Note: This system is equipped with a "Sound Suppressing Valve" simulator. This avoids any warning lights on the dash while providing maximum flow at all times.

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