Damond Motorsports Focus ST Rear Swaybar Endlinks

$ 169.00
$ 150.00

Improve your vehicle's handling and stability with our high-performance Focus ST rear sway bar end links. End links are what 'link' your sway bar / anti roll bar to the other suspension components, allowing your sway bar to effectively reduce body roll by tying both sides of the suspension together. End links are a crucial, yet often overlooked component of your suspension... until the factory ones fail, but our end links are designed to eliminate the shortcomings of the factory units.

Specifically made for the Focus ST, our end links are made with chromoly spherical rod ends and composite races for a strong and noise-free connection. They are also sized correctly to allow for a full range of motion without binding, ensuring proper alignment and preventing contact with other suspension and subframe components. Thus making them ideal for street, track, and bagged or slammed setups.

Fully adjustable, our end links allow you to properly zero out sway bar preload, which is crucial for setting up your suspension properly and corner-balancing the vehicle. With a fully machined knuckle eyelet and zinc-coated component for corrosion protection, our end links are easy to install and provide long-lasting performance.

Don't settle for subpar suspension components - upgrade to Damond Motorsports sway bar end links and get the most out of your vehicle. 


  • Correctly sized - effectively the same length as OE and can be shortened for extremely low applications. Most aftermarket links end up being longer than OE. 
  • No binding - when setup correctly, these links should not bind, allowing your suspension to work properly through it's full travel
  • Does not contact other suspension components - many aftermarket links run the risk of hitting the subframe on lowered applications. Not an issue for ours. 
  • Less noise - we use rod ends with composite races to allow for quiet operation and little maintenance. 


  • Chromoly rod ends with composite races - super strong yet quiet in operation
  • Machined knuckle eyelet - Zinc coated for corrosion protection and features a 19mm wrench flat to aid install
  • Grade 8 hardware - Zinc coated for corrosion protection
  • Misalignment washers - allow the rod ends their full range of motion and reduce the change of binding 

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