Flowmaster 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost Scavenger Y-Pipe Kit

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Pre-formed aluminum heat shield designed to mount on the muffler for added protection in reducing heat radiated from mufflers and also reducing interior noise. Attaches easily with included straps.

* Formed aluminum
* Reduces radiant heat
* Reduces broadcast resonance from muffler
* Stainless attachment straps included
* Made in the USA
* Premium Flowmaster quality

*Header Collector*
This header collector kit takes the place of three bolt flange type connections and allows for a leak free and gasket free ball flange type connection. Available in various sizes.

* 16 gauge aluminized tubing
* Replaces three bolt flange connection - slip fit connections for easy assembly
* Leak free ball and socket seal
* 3.50 in. collector to 3.00 in. tubing
* Made in the USA
* Premium Flowmaster quality

*Mendrel Bend Elbows*
Flowmaster's exhaust accessories now include a full line of mandrel bends, available in pipe diameters from 2.00 in. to 3.00 in. These stainless steel bends are available in various radii as well as angles from 45 to 180 degrees to allow 100% custom exhaust fabrication.

* Mandrel Bent
* 16 Gauge Tubing
* 409S Stainless Steel
* Universal Application
* Made in the USA