Ford Racing 16-18 Ford Focus RS Drift Stick

$ 949.99

Ford Performance Drift Stick for all 2016, 2017 and 2018 Focus RSs.

The Ford Performance Drift Stick (P/N: M-2780-FRS) is the first-ever rally-inspired electronic handbrake that is warranty-friendly, designed and thoroughly tested for the 2016-2018 Focus RS!

Developed with the help of motorsports legend Ken Block, the Drift Stick is an aluminum lever attached to a circuit board that fits between the driver's seat and center console. The Drift Stick features a true plug-and-play installation and requires no cutting or drilling. Using the innovative all-wheel-drive system and antilock braking system the rear-drive unit clutches open and then apply hydraulic pressure to lock the rear wheels and induce a drift with the simple pull of a lever. The results are instantaneous engagement and release of the rear braking system for clutch-free drifting very similar to that of a real rally car.

Features and Benefits:
- Fits ALL 2016-2018 Focus RSs
- World's First Electronically Controlled Performance Drift Stick
- Inspired by Rally Racing and Fully Tested by Ken Block
- Includes Ford Performance ProCal Tool
- Provides a Way to Perform Large-Angle Drifts
- Only Requires 5-6lbs. of Pressure to Operate
- Simple Bolt-in/Plug-and-Play Installation and Removal
- Easily Connects to the Hand Brake, Seat Track and OBD-II Port
- Made in the USA

Tech Tip: The Ford Performance ProCal tool included in this kit-requires laptop and internet access for calibration install and accessing diagnostic data.

*Powertrain calibration and the associated hard parts are developed and supported for U.S. and Canadian LHD (Left-Hand-Drive) vehicles ONLY.
*Installation of the Ford Performance Drift Stick will NOT void the factory warranty.

Please Note: The Drift Stick is activated only in Drift Mode and has been designed and is intended for off-road use only (closed course and track events). This part should be removed for on-road vehicle use (minimum: disconnect strut and electrical connection). The driver is always responsible to drive in accordance with local laws and prevailing conditions. Failure to do so could result in accident or injury.

Manufacturer Part Number: M-2780-FRS

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