Ford Racing Cold Air Intake Kit Ford Focus ST 2013-2014

$ 649.99
Make a big increase in power and sound with Ford Racing's ProCal Calibration Tool, Cold Spark Plug Set and Cold Air Intake.

With just colder plugs, a tune and cold air intake the Focus ST is able to experience an increase of 90 peak torque at 2800 RPM on 93 octane fuel. There is a significant torque increase all the way up to 4200 RPM. Also, plenty of horsepower is gained throughout the RPM range making overall driving more exciting. Also, revised sound symposer software and calibration creates a more natural engine sound.

The calibration requires 91 octane be used at minimum but use of 93 octane will produce the best power gain. Colder spark plugs are required for the ProCal calibration. Spark plugs are gapped to 0.028" to match the calibration from Ford Racing.

Due to multiple powertrain calibrations, online registration is required to receive ProCal calibration delivery tool after purchase