GFB 2017+ Hyundai I30N 2.0T Deceptor Pro II Motorized Blow Off Valve w/ TMS Advantage

$ 471.00
$ 441.00

Control the sound of your BOV "ON-THE-FLY" Go on, admit it. There are times you wish you could have that signature turbo blow off sound, but you?re not prepared to listen to it all the time. GFB?s Deceptor Pro II delivers just what you need ? the ability to control how loud your BOV sound is, from the driver?s seat.To top it off, if your car typically suffers issues such as backfiring and stalling when venting more than a certain percentage of air to atmosphere, the controller can easily be configured to limit the maximum venting ratio. This way, you can achieve a blow-off sound without having to put up with the issues.

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