HKS Hi-Power SPEC-L Exhaust System for FR-S/BRZ/86

$ 1,099.00

This is the HKS Hi-Power SPEC-L Exhaust System. This exhaust system features a larger piping diameter, smooth bends, and durable stainless steel construction to provide your vehicle with a lifetime worth of performance. The design removes any restrictions to the exhaust flow that is associated with the OEM design, allowing your engine to exhale much easier for improved horsepower and torque, all while creating an aggressive exhaust note.


304 stainless steel construction
2.5" piping diameter
Smooth bends
Improves the exhaust flow
Creates more power, performance, and improves the low-end torque
Produces an aggressive exhaust note
Exhaust hangers welded onto the OEM location to make for a direct exhaust replacement
Will include new hardware and O-ring gaskets

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