JBR 2019+ Veloster N 5mm Wheel Spacers (Set of 2)

$ 50.00

JBR 5mm Wheel Spacers are designed to move the wheel further out from the hub giving your car a wider more aggressive stance and improved handling characteristics. Our spacers are laser cut out of 5mm 6061 aluminum, CNC milled then anodized black for corrosion resistance. They are incredibly light, only adding a few ounces of unsprung weight to each wheel. They are hub-centric meaning, they will fit over your hub perfectly eliminating the possibility of vibrations.

No extended lug studs are necessary to use these spacers.

- 2019 & Up Hyundai Veloster N
All vehicles with a Centerbore of 67.1 mm and a Bolt Pattern of 5x114.3mm

Features:- Anodized black for corrosion resistance
- Super light weight

Specs:- Material: 6061 aluminum
- Thickness: 5mm
- Centerbore: 67.1 mm
- Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3mm (5x4.5")

Includes:- 1 pair (2)

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