Method Race Wheels MR503 RALLY Wheel 5x108 +42

$ 288.99
SKU MR50388049942

The 503 Rally is all new for 2018. The 503 will be available in 17x8 et42 and 18x8 et42. In 17” the 503 weighs a feathery 16.5 lbs and the 18” will weigh 17.8 lbs. Flow Form construction helps the wheel cut down on weight while maintaining rigidity and overall strength. While dicing it up at your local autocross event or track day, you’ll be happy to know that both the inner and outer bead seats are knurled to ensure the tire won’t shift on the wheel due to changes in air pressure or extreme forces. The MR503 Rally will be available in matte black or gold finishes along with a carbon fiber snap-in center cap. 


      The 17x8 wheels are specifically made to fit the 2014 Ford Focus ST Built after 03/31/14. It may be available for other vehicles.