Mishimoto 15-21 VW Golf/GTI Turbo Inlet Pipe

$ 173.34
$ 156.99

When you’re trying to make power, airflow is critical. Reducing restriction within the intake and exhaust systems is the most sensible way to improve engine efficiency. However, if you have a 1.8T/2.0T MK7 with an upgraded air intake, there might be something you’re missing. The air intake system on the MQB platform mates to the turbocharger via a plastic turbocharger inlet pipe. Our team has found that this component is quite restrictive and in desperate need of enhancement. Mishimoto’s Turbo Inlet Pipe for the MK7 chassis is constructed from durable, CNC-machined cast aluminum. Compared to the stock plastic unit, this is far more durable and eliminates any chances of long-term part degradation. Along with durability, we’ve also increased internal volume and enhanced the pathway of air. These design alterations result in significant improvements in airflow and a quicker turbo spool. This turbo inlet pipe fits with the stock intake, the Mishimoto Performance Intake, and most aftermarket intake systems. No tuning is required for installation, although the benefits of this component will amplify as more upgrades are made on your MK7. As with all Mishimoto MK7 products, this inlet pipe includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime warranty.

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