mountune Ford 2.3L EcoBoost MRX Cylinder Head V3 Camshaft Spec Kit

$ 4,399.00

SKU mtn2536-MHA-AA
The mountune MRX Cylinder head upgrade for the 2.3L EcoBoost (Focus RS / Mustang EcoBoost) features dyno and flow bench tested improvements that produce maximum reliable power across a wide RPM range. Each cylinder head is based on a new genuine Ford RS casting that is inspected before receiving a precision NEWEN valve seat profile. The throat of each port is opened up to remove obstructions and then blended into the valve seat to improve flow.

Each head is then ultrasonically cleaned before assembly by one of our motorsport professionals using Supertech High Performance Valves along with dual valves springs matched to our V3 camshafts. This head is ideal for those running a larger than stock turbocharger.
The head ships completely assembled with valve lash set using all new cam followers and ready to install on you engine.
Intake airflow is improved by 44% and exhaust air flow is improved by 28% compared to an otherwise stock 2.3L Cylinder head.
Testing on our in-house engine dyno shows an improvement of +44HP and +53lb-ft compared to the stock cylinder head with standard camshafts on an otherwise identical engine.
Intake valve seats feature multi angle profile, Exhaust valve seats feature radiused profile.

  • Increased power and torque
  • Assembled from all new parts, no core is required
  • Dyno and flow bench proven
V3 Camshaft specification:
  • Intake Duration 264° (OE Duration 234°)
  • Exhaust Duration 256° (OE Duration 224°)
  • Intake Valve Lift 10.85mm (OE 8.00mm)
  • Exhaust Valve Lift 9.70mm (OE 6.99mm)