South Bend Clutch Stage 2 DRAG Clutch 2013+ Ford Focus ST

$ 1,088.34


Designed for High-Powered Race-Ready Applications

The 2013 to 2017 Focus ST is a zippy little hot hatch with excellent handling, but the factory clutch is holding it back from achieving true greatness at the track. For those ST owners looking for a race-ready clutch with abrupt engagement, South Bend's Stage 2 Drag Clutch Kit may be just up your alley. This ultra-durable Stage 2 Drag Clutch Kit by South Bend is built from high-quality graphite impregnated with ceramic to achieve maximum durability, minimal chatter and heat transfer and of course, high power capability.

Short and Quick Clutch Travel

South Bend went through great measures to ensure their Stage 2 Drag Clutch Kit can handle high horsepower and torque demands while offering short, quick travel for racing applications. This track-ready clutch system features a heavy duty pressure plate with a puck style disc and has no cushion between the linings to keep the clutch travel short and quick. The puck design reduces rotational mass and increases the pounds per square inch of pressure on the friction material. This style of clutch transfers torque to the wheels much faster while minimizing inertia.

Fitment: 2013-2017 Focus ST Manual Transmission

Warranty: The Stage 2 Drag Clutch Kit is backed by South Bend's Limited Warranty.

Intended for Racing Applications: South Bend recommends this Stage 2 Drag Clutch Kit for track racing applications only. It would not make a great daily driver clutch.