SteamSpeed Focus RS Intercooler High-Flow Pipe and Hose Kit

$ 349.00


OEM Direct Fitment

Our hard pipe is a direct replacement for the OEM plastic pipe.  It can work with the OEM hoses works even better with our silicone hose upgrade.

Top Quality Construction

- First, our charge pipe is made with heavy duty 304 stainless steel with 2mm thick walls.  Aluminum or plastic piping would have been cheaper but also less durable. 
- Like the best quality stainless exhausts, our charge pipes are made from 304 stainless because it is highly corrosion and heat resistant.  They should
- All pipes are CNC mandrel bent allowing the interior to be smooth improving air flow. 
- Computer bent pipes along with laser cut mounting brackets ensure will have consistent OEM-like fitment.


Simply put, the OEM unit doesn’t flow as well as our hard pipe.  We observed 0.3-0.4 PSI less pressure drop vs the OEM unit.  That means your turbo doesn’t have to work as hard to hit your boost target, which means it will be generating less heat.  More boost and less heat means your engine will be making more power.