TB Performance Focus ST Rear Motor Mount

$ 99.95

TB Performance products are custom built to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.

Wheel hop and torque steer have you feeling down? Worry not, the TB Performance Products Rear Motor mount will help reduce torque steer and wheel hop dramatically. Pair it with the TB Performance Traction bar to hook every time all the time. As with all upgraded motor mounts, NVH(noise vibration and harshness) will increase. I have done my best to select a bushing and design that will minimize this. Once 500 miles or so are on the mount you will notice these vibrations soften up considerably.

-Steinjager 1/4" thick mount

-84a durometer Energy Suspension Bushings

-Hand MIG welded

-Made in the USA

-All hardware needed to install is included

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