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2016 Stage 3 Focus RS with Custom JSTUNED Dyno Tune on RGA

Brian Tyson Focus RS FocusRS jstuned Results

We were able to put Jason Smith's 2016 Ford Focus RS on our dyno earlier this week! Here are the results!

-Custom dyno tune from Brian Tyson at JST Performance via Cobb Accessport
-Mountune Intake, Charge pipes, Bypass Valve
-Turbosmart 10 psi Wastegate actuator
-ETS Front Mount Intercooler
-Milltek Catback Exhaust
-Scorpion Catted downpipe
-98-99 Octane " Race-Gas Additive"

This was a pretty conservative tune on a 98-99 Octane Race-Gas Additive mix. Jason will be mixing for a 100 octane rating to keep things on the extra safe side.

Stock this car made 295 WHP and 340 Tq on the same Dyno. Final results on Wednesday showed 389 WHP and 467Lbs of Tq!

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