GR86 Bolt on Dyno results

GR86 Bolt on Dyno results

In the past week or 2 we have installed and tested a few more minor bolt ons onto our 2022 GR86.

The testing was done on multiple days/ conditions but our dyno can compensate for this and keep testing pretty evenly across multiple test days. However, each of the 2 before/after tests that we did while changing parts were done back to back and within 15-20 minutes of each other to keep everything consistent.

First up we swapped out our OEM air filter and removed the OEM charcoal air filter and installed a K&N air filter. This didn't make a huge difference, but it did help power and tq a bit in a few key places. The gains are most noticeable in the top end of the RPM range. The car picked up nearly 10whp at redline vs the run with the stock filter setup.

Next up, we did a before and after session with a PLM Catted Front Pipe. The front pipe made some fairly impressive gains for such a simple bolt on by adding pretty much the same or more power than the drop in filter and catback exhaust combined. We saw roughly a 5-6whp peak gain and gains of around 2-8 whp throughout the entire power band.

Stay tuned as we will be uploading more test results to this blog as more parts are released and installed on our 86. I think that once we can tune the car we will start to see some incredible results!

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