JST Performance GR86/BRZ Parts Weight List (Updated Frequently)

JST Performance GR86/BRZ Parts Weight List (Updated Frequently)

This blog is all about weight! This will be a great future reference for parts weights for the 2022+ GR86 and BRZ platform. We will be updating this post frequently as we install more parts on our car and customer cars.

Baseline Weights:

OEM GR86 Base Manual: 2812

OEM GR86 Premium Auto: 2879


Wheel Weights:

OEM GR86 17" base wheels and tires - 43.2lbs per corner

Enkei RPF1 17x9 +45 wheels with 225/45-17 AO52 tires- 36.9 lbs per corner 

Apex Race Parts EC7-R Forged wheels with 245/40-17 Falken RT660 tires- 45lbs per corner. (The 245 Falken's weigh 5lbs more per corner than the A052. but we are required to run this tire for the racing series this car will be running this year)


Exhaust Weights:

OEM Catback exhaust- 35.9lbs

HKS Hi Power Spec L (lightweight) exhaust- 23.6 lbs

OEM Front Pipe-12.3 lbs

PLM Catted Front Pipe- 8.1lbs


Suspension Component Weights:

OEM Dampers and Springs, fully assembled- 47lbs

Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers with standard springs- 40.8 lbs

OEM Rear lower control arms-3.5 lbs

Verus Engineering rear lower control arms- 5.2lbs

OEM Rear toe arms- 4 lbs

Verus Engineering Rear Toe arms- 2.6lbs

OEM Front sway bar- 5.9 lbs

OEM Rear Sway bar- 4 lbs

Eibach Front sway bar-8.8 lbs

Eibach Rear sway bar- 5.1lbs


Interior Part Weights:

OEM Driver Seat: 

OEM Passenger Seat: 

Recaro Sportster GT Seats with Planted Seat Bracket and Sliders: 

Brake Weights:

OEM Front brake setup  (Caliper, rotor, dust shield, pads)- 32.4lbs per corner

Counterspace Garage Brembo GT front kit- 34.1lbs per corner


Body/ Exterior Weights:


Engine/ Under Hood Weights:

OEM Battery- 34.2lbs 

Full Throttle battery- 16 lbs

Mele Designs battery tray- 1.5lbs




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