JST Performance 2022 GR86 Dyno/Power Baseline

JST Performance 2022 GR86 Dyno/Power Baseline

This past week we were finally able to get some baseline dyno numbers from our 2022 GR86 Manual. We are also fortunate enough to also have a 2022 GR86 Auto available for testing to see how the manual vs automatic transmission cars would compare.


First up, we put our 2022 GR86 Manual on the dyno and did a few runs with the car 100% stock with 91 octane in the tank. The car put down a very impressive 213 Wheel Horsepower, and 171 ft lbs of tq. Peak power was around 6900 rpms, while peak torque is seen at only 3200rpms and holds pretty much all the way until redline. Driving one of these cars on the road will tell you that the car has a very flat and wide torque curve.

After doing a few pulls with the car 100% stock, we installed a brand new HKS Hi Power Spec L (lightweight) exhaust. This is the perfect exhaust for someone who wants a very high quality exhaust system that isn't much louder than stock, and shaves nearly 13lbs from the car while staying dual exit.

We didn't expect to see very large gains with the new exhaust system, and the dyno results showed this, with the car gaining just under 5whp and 5 ft lbs of tq. These are not huge gains, but gives the car a decent bump in power if you consider that this exhaust also shaves a good bit of weight from the car.

You can see in the attached dyno chart an overlay of the car 100% stock (red and blue lines) and with the HKS Catback installed (black and green lines).


On the same day, we dyno'd a GR86 Premium equipped with the Automatic transmission. This car is stock other than an MXP Catback exhaust.


After strapping the car down and doing 3 pulls you can see that the automatic equipped car does make less power and torque than the manual, but it's honestly not a huge difference. There is roughly a 10 Horsepower and 10ft LBs of torque difference between the manual and automatic transmission to the wheels. 


We are excited to begin custom tuning these cars via EcuTeK as soon as support is released. Stay tuned for more information and to see future dyno results and don't forget to check out our other blog articles about weight and track results!


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