JST Performance GR86 Baseline Weights

JST Performance GR86 Baseline Weights

We all know that when it comes to building any car for track use that weight is one of the most important factors to consider. At JST Performance we try to weigh as many different parts, cars, setups, and configurations as we can so that we can learn where the best places to lose weight are.

We decided to put our 100% stock GR86 Manual Base on the scales to see where she sits before we begin to modify her for track use! This should be the lightest possible combo for a GR86 from the factory.

The car weighed in at a very impressive (and nearly by the spec sheet) 2812lbs, with zero factory options and a full tank of fuel. This is roughly the same weight as our previous 2020 BRZ Performance package, so we were very happy with this weight, considering the added power and tech of the new car.

We were curious about the other side of the OEM weight spectrum, so we put a local friend's 2022 GR86 Premium Auto on the scales. This car has every option as well as the automatic transmission. This should be the heaviest variant of the GR86 and the Premium Manual should fall somewhere in between the two. The Premium Auto model still comes in at a fairly lightweight 2879lbs, which means that there is only a 67lb weight difference between the lightest and heaviest versions of the GR86. We suspect the BRZ models will be very similar in weight, although the BRZ's aluminum front knuckles do shave a reported 12-15lbs of weight.

If we weigh more variants of these cars, we will be sure to add them to this blog post in the future! Be sure to check out our ongoing Weight Blog for information on the weight of individual components, which will be updated as we begin out track build journey!



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