AWE Tuning Volkswagen GTI MK7.5 2.0T Touring Edition Exhaust w/Chrome Silver Tips 102mm

$ 1,047.37
$ 995.99

The intersection of performance and sophistication, the Touring Edition produces a civil tone while idling and cruising around, but give it the boot and unleash a “war-cry wail.” Equipped with a tailored resonated mid-pipe and mid-muffler, the Touring Edition is fit to accompany both stock and aftermarket downpipes while remaining civil within the cabin. Convert from Track to Touring, or vice versa: AWE made it easy to convert from a Track Edition to a Touring Edition, or vice versa if you decide at a later date to turn it up or turn it down. Volume simplified: Not sure which combination AWE configuration will meet your desired sound levels? This should help: From civil to disobedient: Touring Edition with factory downpipeTouring Edition with an aftermarket downpipeTrack Edition with factory downpipeTrack Edition with an aftermarket downpipe

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