*Ford Focus ST/Focus RS/Fiesta ST/EB Mustang/Maverick Custom E-Tune

$ 225.00

FREE JSTUNED DecalJSTUNED Colorblock DecalTeam JST Printed Decal, Team JST DecalTeam JST Lanyard, or JSTUNED Keychain with Custom Tune Purchase! Discount will be applied during checkout, just add your swag item of choice to the cart along with your custom tune! (Very Important: Don't forget to add your item to the cart!)(You may need to add this free item to your cart if using Affirm in order for the transaction to be approved by them since they will only finance orders containing physical items)

This product is intended for customers who have already purchased a COBB Accessport and want to upgrade to a JST Performance custom tune. A custom tune can be completed via e-mail or road tuning. 

Adding a full E-Tune allows us to work with your car's current modification list to create a custom tune specifically for you! We automatically incorporate 5 way map switching, Flat Foot Shifting, Launch Control, Traction Control, Boost By Gear, and more in all of our custom tunes. Step it up even more by purchasing an E30/Race Gas/WMI tune to be included with your custom tune set-up. By adding an additional fuel, you receive a full 91/93 octane tune as well as the additional fuel tune. After purchase, be sure to look for the download button in order to download your tune information sheet. It is the customer's responsibility to fill this sheet out and return via email to begin the tuning process.

We try our best to maintain a 24-48 business hour (M-F) turn-around time for all new tunes and revisions.

Curious about what kind of power you will see with a custom tune? Check out our blog on ST/RS Basic Modification Paths and Power Estimates!

*If additional modifications are added (excluding aftermarket turbochargers) during the tuning process, or after completion, a retune fee will be required for any non-unlimited tune customers.

JST Performance now offers an unlimited tuning option (previously lifetime) that includes an unlimited number of re-tunes for the addition of modifications over time. Going from Stage 1 to Stage 3? No problem, with our unlimited tune, you're covered!* 

*Changing or adding another fuel option/aftermarket fuel system will require an add-on fee. Upgrading to a big turbo will require an additional tune purchase unless the big turbo unlimited tune option was selected initially. Upgrading to a built motor will require an additional tune purchase.

*Big Turbo Unlimited tunes only cover tuning on one big turbo per vehicle for up to 5 years. If you upgrade your big turbo to another big turbo or stock turbo, a tune upgrade may need to be purchased. Upgrading to a built motor or aftermarket fuel system may require an additional tune purchase.

*Unlimited tunes are only valid for the original purchaser of the tune. Unlimited tunes do not transfer if the vehicle and/or Accessport is sold, or from vehicle to vehicle.

*Tunes are non-refundable once purchased. We have the right to end any tune contract if for any reason our tuner does not feel comfortable completing the tuning process (refunds for this situation will be granted at the discretion of the tuner to ensure that he/she is compensated for their time).

*Optional Accessory: Suction Cup Windshield Mount for COBB Accessport

*Don't forget to throw in a set of NGK Spark Plugs when you order your custom tune! Upgrading your spark plugs or simply changing them out to a new set is just one step to ensure that your car is performing properly during the tunng process!

*We also have tons of JST Swag to choose from when you decide to join the JST team!


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