cp-e Core Front Mount Intercooler Titan Finish Focus RS 2016+

$ 886.74

Do you wanna go fast? Your brand new 2016-2017 Focus RS is a pretty great vehicle already, but if you've been feeling the need for speed, than the first modification you'll need to make is to the stock intercooler. 

This direct-fit upgraded intercooler will help bring more, evenly distributed air to your Focus' core, providing you with cooler, more consistent air going directly into your aggressive engine. cp-e spent months designing this Delta Core intercooler so it would be an easy bolt-on application that doesn't require permanent modifications, allowing you to upgrade your piping down the road and modify your RS in smaller increments. This intercooler will re-use your OE factory tubing and mounting points, making it easier to install than the standard engine upgrade.

Delta Core Intercooler (FDCK00008T) Features and Benefits: 
- 28” x 7” x 3.5″ Core Size 
- Doesn’t require removal of active grill shutters 
- Low Turbulence End Tank Design 
- Upgradeable Endtank Outlet 
- Minimal Pressure Drop 
- Maximized Core Design 
- Substantially Lower and More Consistent Charge Temps 
- Bolt-in Design, No Modifications Required 
- Fully Cast End-Tanks

Once mounted within your engine bay, this intercooler will provide the optimal amount of airflow with an even distribution throughout its core. The unniquely-designed end tanks will direct the air properly into the core to provide your Focus RS with the most consistent conditions going into the engine. In fact, you'll see significantly lower and more consistent charge temperatures.

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