*JSTuned ProTune Revision for Turbo Upgrades

$ 150.00

Changing your turbo and need an upgraded tune? No problem! This product is intended for customers already running a JSTuned ProTune who have decided to add a big turbo, hybrid turbo, or are simply just changing the turbo on their car. If you have more than one tune that needs to be revised due to modifications, a map revision needs to be purchased for each tune. After purchase, please email our tuner at sales@jst-performance.com using the same email chain that was used during previous tuning to notify us that you are ready to begin revising your tune. Can only be used for one turbo change at a time.

Curious about what kind of power you will see with a custom tune? Check out our blog on ST/RS Basic Modification Paths and Power Estimates!

 *Tunes are non-refundable once purchased

*Don't forget to throw in a set of NGK Spark Plugs when you order your custom tune! Upgrading your spark plugs or simply changing them out to a new set is just one step to ensure that your car is performing properly during the tuning process!

*We also have tons of JST Swag to choose from when you decide to join the JST team!

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