cp-e Ford Focus ST 13- xFlex Engine Mount Rear STAGE 2

$ 287.43

It is well known that the stock rear motor mount on the Focus ST is a weak link and cp-e™ has chosen to think outside the box on this and come up with a completely new design. To do this cp-e™ carefully studied the layout of the stock Focus ST Engine Mounts. While designing the side engine mounts it was determined that a better design could be achieved on the rear mount as well. 

The way the ST engine mount system works is that the two side mounts provide a rotational mounting point, if just these two mounts are installed without a lower engine mount the bottom of the engine is free to swing like a pendulum. Now if you take the stock engine mount and put it in place with its horizontally mounted bushing and you apply some power, it will stop the engine from swinging but you are now stressing the bushing in two directions. These types of bushing are not really meant for this. 

So cp-e™ came up with a way to stress the bushing in only one direction, by remaking both sides of the engine mount cp-e™ was able to mount the bushing vertically so now the pendulum effect of the engine is stretching or pushing in only one direction. This also increases the durability of the engine mount substantially.

-Billet CNC construction
-EPDM Bushing to protect rubber from overheating
-Stainless Hardware
-Vertically mounted bushing increase’s durability.
-Machined additional pockets to create lightweight but strong mount.
-Step by step installation directions

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