cp-e METHcharge Charge Pipe Ford Focus RS

$ 275.22

The METHCharge Cold Side Pipe from cp-e has been constructed from aluminum to provide a more durable design that can handle higher boost pressures as you continue to push the performance of your RS. A 2.75” diameter pipe with smooth bends provides a free-flowing design that will be needed as you continue to modify your hot hatch. The main feature of the METHCharge pipe, however, is of course a bung located at an optimal 6” from the throttle for methanol injection to really give your Focus RS a boost! If you don’t plan on using methanol and just want the benefits of an upgraded pipe, there is a supplied plug for the methanol bung. 4-ply silicone hoses and T-bolt clamps are also provided by cp-e to make installation and connection to your stock or aftermarket intercooler a breeze.

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