cp-e QKspl Catted Downpipe Ford Focus RS 2016+

$ 743.56

This downpipe's high flowing catalytic converter features a metallic monolithic honeycomb catalyst designed for maximum flow and surface area. cp-e designs this downpipe to match the Focus RS's stock turbo. It is crafted in the USA from premium quality "bright annealed" 304 stainless steel. It is also mandrel bent throughout for less turbulent exhaust flow.

This downpipe includes three O2 bungs to accommodate the two stock O2 sensors. This also provides you with the ability to easily add a wideband sensor. It uses your RS's stock downpipe support mount. cp-e welds a laser-cut stainless steel bracket onto each downpipe and even supplies a laser-cut gasket adapter with the downpipe. This adapter allows you to install the downpipe to a stock exhaust without the worry of exhaust leaks. Without this adapter, the 3" downpipe would be larger than the stock exhaust flange, allowing exhaust gasses to escape past the gasket.

The QKspl downpipe includes the required hardware to mount it to a stock exhaust system as well as an aftermarket exhaust system. This downpipe features a satin finish which strengthens the stainless steel and welds for increased durability.

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