Damond Balance Shaft Delete

$ 35.00

The Damond Motorsports Balance Shaft Delete allows for the removal of the factory balance shaft assembly found on many Mazda and Ford 4 cylinder engines. Deleting the balance shaft will allow your engine to rev quicker/easier, bumps up horsepower slightly, and removes nearly 20lbs from the engine! Since the factory balance shaft assembly sits partially in the oil pan, deleting it also increases oil capacity 1.5-2qts, depending on your specific engine. 

This little piece is a great addition for engine builds, where aftermarket main studs do not allow for the re-installation of the factory balance shaft. 

Our delete kit features a 1-piece machined plate so no need to worry about multiple pieces coming apart in your engine, and an Allen head bolt for easier installation from underneath the car. 

Please note: deleting the balance shaft may result in higher levels of NVH. 

Fits engines: 

  • Mazda:
    • 2004-2013 Mazda MZR 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 engines
    • 2005-2013 Mazda MZR DISI 2.3 Turbo engines
  • Ford/Mercury/Lincoln:
    • 2003-2013 Duratec 2.3, 2.5 engines 
    • 2012-2023 Ecoboost 2.0, 2.3 engines

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