Damond Motorsports Focus ST Sound Symposer Delete Kit

$ 40.00

Product Details

The Damond Motorsports Sound Symposer Delete kit for the Focus ST, is an all comprehensive kit, to remove the factory sound symposer system on the ST. 

The factory sound symposer system, plumbs in engine noises to the cabin, that are less appealing than the actual tones of induction and exhaust the vehicle produces. Also higher boost levels can damage components of the factory system, causing boost leaks.

Our Sound Symposer Delete kit includes all you need to remove the factory sound symposer, and then some! Each black or gold anodized SSD plate comes with an 1/8" NPT plug and hose barb(for an easy access to engine vacuum/boost for monitoring or controllers), mounting bolts, 2 o-rings(in case one is lost so a replacement is readily available), and a flexible plastic plug for the firewall.  

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