ETS Catback Exhaust System - 2016+ Ford Focus RS

$ 1,479.00

Extreme Turbo Systems is a company collectively ran by car enthusiasts who drive some of the fastest cars stateside. With that said, they know what it takes to design an exhaust system to make more power and performance. This is the ETS Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust System that takes a car that already sounds amazing from the factory, and makes it sound more aggressive.

This exhaust system features smooth mandrel bends that allow exhaust gasses to escape easier because the pipes limit turbulence under acceleration. The result is more horsepower, more torque, and because the piping diameter has been increased to 3" you will have improvements in both sound and throttle response. 

ETS has fabricated this exhaust system from 304 stainless steel and exhaust hangers have been welded onto the OEM locations to make this system a direct bolt-on without the need for further alterations to the body or chassis for fitment. This exhaust will also come with a pair of 4.5" polished exhaust tips, as well as a pair of v-band clamps, and the rest of the required hardware required to complete the installation. 

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