ETS Intake System - Ford Focus RS 2016+

$ 395.00

This is the ETS Intake System designed to be a direct replacement of your factory intake system to get more power and performance out of your turbocharger. Now although your factory intake system is efficient, the engineers over at Extreme Turbo Systems always find clever ways of making improvements to generate more horsepower and more torque. 

ETS designed this intake system with increased piping diameter with a full 3" design and it allows you to retain the factory airbox. The pipes have smooth bends that limit turbulence which allows the turbocharger to breathe easier which will improve response, power, and torque. Air is filtered through a High Flow ETS filter, and the piping will come powder-coated in a wrinkle black finish for extra protection against corrosion, and to add a cleaner look to the engine bay. 

All the required hardware, as well as the silicone couplers, will be included to make this intake system ready for installation. 

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