JBR Focus RS & ST Short Shift Arm

$ 109.99

The JBR Double Adjustable Short Shift Arm Kit is perfect for those wanting to reduce the long stock shifter throw by providing options to reduce the throw by 20% or 40%. 

Further customization is made possible by adding or removing the 3, 1/4 lb. counter weights. Being fully customizable, this kit is sure to accommodate every driver and driving style, on the street or on the track.

JBR designs and prototypes in house using the latest CAD and 3D printing technologies, then tests to ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality, form, fit and function that you demand.

With longevity in mind, 6061 aluminum and 304 stainless were used to make up the the key components of the kit. This is to ensure it will withstand the abuse on the track and the harsh elements all year round providing a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment.

Final production is then followed with strict manufacturing and finishing processes. All products receive the TRU-Performance stamp of approval before making their way to the consumer.

With a very straightforward design, installation of this kit is a breeze. Following our online installation instructions found in the support section of our website, even those with the most basic mechanical knowledge will be enjoying short, crisp and accurate shifts in no time.

Features:- Designed and manufactured in the USA
- Fully customizable 
- Simple to install in 30 minutes or less. 
- Anodized for corrosion resistance 

Application:- 2013+ Ford Focus ST
- 2016+ Ford Focus RS

The kit includes:- 1 Double adjustable short shift arm
- 3 1/4 lb. counter weights
- 1 1/4-20 x 2.25" bolt
- 1 1/4-20 x 1.5" bolt
- 1 1/4" flat washer
- 1 1/4" lock washer
- 2 6mm x 1.0 x 35mm bolts
- 1 6mm flat washer
- 1 6mm lock washer
- 1 8mm x 1.25 x 45mm bolt
- 2 8mm flat washers
- 1 8mm lock washer
- 1 8mm nut
- 1 Cable mounting stud
- Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included.
- Installation instructions are available in our support section.

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