Mishimoto 2013+ Ford Focus ST Hot Side Intercooler Pipe Kit - Wrinkle Black

$ 295.22
$ 237.95

Open up the flow of the charged air in your 2013+ Ford Focus ST with the Mishimoto hot-side intercooler pipe. The stock hot-side pipe in your Focus ST is plagued with bends, a restrictive inner diameter and muffling equipment which slows the airflow and causes turbulence on the way to the intercooler. Mishimoto?s hot-side intercooler kit not only reduces the amount of bends, but also increased the diameter to 2.5? giving it a 14% increase in volume over the stock piping meaning better flow and the added bonus of 8hp and 10ft/lbs of torque.While a majority of the stock piping is constructed from aluminum already, the couplers are made from degradation-prone rubber. Our kit includes more durable silicone couplers featuring 5-layers of heat-resistant fibers and wire reinforcement to ensure that the Mishimoto hot-side intercooler pipe can stand up to the heat. This kit is offered in a polished finish as well as a wrinkle black powder coat, and is covered under Mishimoto?s Lifetime Warranty.

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