Radium Engineering 13+ Ford Focus ST/ 15+ Ford Focus RS Fuel Surge Tank Install Kit

$ 427.45


The fuel surge tank can be mounted near the main fuel tank or in the engine bay. Mounting locations near heat sources or moving parts such as suspension components should be avoided. It should also be mounted away from common collision areas.

*Floor and Wall Mount* - This bracket is laser cut from aluminum and powder coated black and can be mounted on the side or bottom of the surge tank.

*Frame Mount* - Because this bracket has a 90deg formed bend and is cantilevered, it is constructed from steel for superior strength. It is not only nickel plated to resist corrosion, it also allows for components to be grounded to the spare hole in the bracket. This assumes the bracket is mounted to an electrically conductive material such as a steel frame.

*Angled Mount* - This mounting bracket is used for vehicles that may have a limited mounting height. It can be mounted on a floor and against a wall. This bracket is made from laser cut aluminum and powder coated black.

*CONVERSION KIT FOR WALBRO F90000262 GAS AND F90000267 E85 PUMPS* This kit enables a Radium FST to be converted to use a single Walbro F90000262 Gas or Walbro F90000267 E85 fuel pump.

This kit is only compatible when the original FST used one of the following pumps: Walbro GSS342 255lph, AEM 50-1000 Gas, AEM 50-1200 E85, Aeromotive 11142 or a Deatschwerks 9-301-1000.

The following parts will be reused: billet FST canister, billet FST top cap, three -6AN port fittings, -6AN bulkhead nut, 16 perimeter M5 bolts, 2 internal M5 bolts, external wiring harness, external mounting bracket and hardware


* Walbro 400 specific Billet Aluminum Bottom Cap

* Walbro 400 specific Laser Cut Mounting Bracket

* Internal Bulkhead Wiring for Walbro (specify which pump)

* Billet Aluminum Bulkhead Fitting with O-ring

* Submersible Rubber Fuel Hose

* Stainless Steel Pinch Clamp, Factory Crimped

* Stainless Steel EFI Protective Clamp

* Replacement FST Perimeter O-rings (x16)

* Replacement FST Large O-rings (x2)


* Determine if a pump needs to be included and select which Walbro version will be used. Walbro F90000262 Gas Pump Walbro F90000267 E85 Pump

*ALUMINUM 3/4-16 O-RING PORT FITTINGS* These adapter fittings are designed to be used in many Radium products including fuel rails, surge tanks, fuel pressure regulators, etc. However, they can be used in any application using a 3/4"-16 O-ring port which is the same thread pitch used in -8AN fittings.

*FST WIRING HARNESS - FULLY POPULATED* This fully assembled universal wiring harness is designed to work for the following Radium Engineering fuel surge tanks: Single pump Walbro GSS342 255lph FST Single pump Walbro F90000262 Gas FST Single pump Walbro F90000267 E85 FST Single pump AEM 50-1000 Gas FST Single pump AEM 50-1200 E85 FST Single pump Aeromotive 11142 FST Single pump DeatschWerks 9-301-1000 FST Single pump Bosch 0 580 254 044 FST The harness includes a environmentally sealed mini fuse holder that has an integrated mounting boss. A 20AMP fuse is included. Note: a higher current fuse may be required if fuel pressure is run excessively high. Also included is a environmentally sealed relay that has a mounting boss as well. For wiring, all that is required is a source for the FST fuel pump(s) trigger signal. Fuel surge tanks typically use the main fuel pump's relay trigger from the ECU. The other two connections for this harness are 12V power and chassis ground. These leads both use 5/16" ring terminals. The high temperature braided sleeving is flame retardant and is rated for over 250 Fahrenheit. All wiring lead ends are labeled for ease of installation.

*DIY FUEL SURGE TANK WIRING KIT* This Do-It-Yourself wiring kit includes the necessary parts to construct a power wiring harness for one fuel surge tank pump. It uses the highest quality components to ensure proper operation in all conditions. The relay and fuse holder are sealed to allow installation in weather exposed areas if necessary. Aircraft grade TXL wiring is resistant to all chemicals and elevated temperatures. Crimpless solder-based butt connectors make reliable wire connections easy and clean. Necessary ring terminals are included for connecting to an external Bosch 044 fuel pump as well.

Radium recommends a dedicated fuse and relay for each fuel surge tank pump. For this reason, order a wiring kit for EACH fuel surge tank pump. Examples: -If a Radium Single Internal Pump FST was purchased, select "Quantity: 1". -If a Radium Dual Vertical Bosch 044 FST was purchased, select "Quantity: 2". -If a Radium Triple Pump MPFST was purchased, select "Quantity: 3". *Includes:* * Weatherproof SPDT 12V/40A Relay with Mounting Tab (x1) * Weatherproof Relay Flying 12" Lead Connector (x1) * Weatherproof Mini Fuse Holder with Mounting Tab (x1) * Weatherproof Mini Fuse Flying Lead Connector (x1) * Quick-Connect Posi-Tap "TRIGGER" Connector (x1) * Crimpless Solder Heat Shrink Butt Connectors (x4) * 10AWG 6mm Stud Ring Terminals (x4) * 10AWG 5mm Stud Ring Terminal (x1) * 10AWG Black TXL Wire (10ft) * 10AWG Red TXL Wire (10ft) * 20A LED Blade Mini Fuse (x1) Installation instructions including wiring diagrams *-6AN BULKHEAD PLATE* This Radium bulkhead plate kit is great when multiple -6AN bulkhead fittings need to pass through a wall, floor, etc. The plate gives a finished look and is necessary when mounting through a soft surface, such as carpet. The bulkhead plate acts as a large washer and is held in place by the bulkhead fittings. This kit is commonly used in trunks when plumbing fuel cells and/or compliments Radium's single and dual pump FSTs. *Features:* * Bright dipped black anodized billet aluminum construction * Capable of passing up to five -6AN bulkhead fittings * Dimensions: 3.25" OD x .125" Thick

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