SPC Performance Ball Joint Press w/Adapters

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$ 228.99

Remove and replace ball joints without "brute force" methods that can cause costly damage. Now you can take on 4WD ball joint service in addition to servicing most cars. A forcing screw-powered press, used with proper adapters, easliy removes and installs all press-fit ball joints (inc. GM plastic pin "U" type joints). Comes in a durable plastic case. Package Includes: #4437 - Press #4438- Forcing Screw, #29503- Receiver Tube(3" OD X 2-3/4" ID), #29504- Receiver Tube(2-1/2" OD X 2-1/4" ID), #29505- Receiver Tube(2" OD X 1-3/4" ID), #38354- 4WD Receiving Cup, #38355- Installing Cup, #204508- 4WD Installing Adapter, #305227- Installing Adapter, #305228- Removing Adapter

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