TB Performance Fiesta ST Traction Bar™

$ 129.95

TB Performance products are custom built to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.

End wheel hop and torque steer with our traction bar for your fiesta st! This brace links the A arms together which prevents any deflection from occurring. It will also stiffen up the steering and allow for more lateral grip in corners. This brace has been designed around our original traction bar that has been proven and successful for the past 4 years! Manual Transmission only. Torque Spec 115 ft lbs.

-We listened to you guys and we have altered the design to incorporate solid cup rather than the slip fit cup pictured. This will increase overall rigidity.

-Clears aftermarket motor mounts

-reduces wheel hop and torque steer

-Tightens up the steering

-Durable Mig and Tig welded steel construction

-Low profile so you wont scrape

-Torque Spec- 115 ft lbs

-If you have aftermarket charge pipes please check to see if there is clearance* Mountune pipes clear with lots of room

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