AWE Tuning Ford Focus RS SwitchPath Cat-back Exhaust - Chrome Silver Tips

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From sophisticated to rowdy, at the push of a button. The SwitchPath™ Exhaust is a full 3” diameter system featuring a straight-through muffler consisting of AWE’s special blend of stainless steel packing and acoustical material. With a valved outlet on the passenger’s side, the SwitchPath™ Exhaust can remain quiet and comfortable while cruising, or rowdy when you want to crank it to 11. Tap into mood control with the included SwitchPath™ Remote. By bypassing the factory ECU-controlled operation, the included SwitchPath™ Remote to can open or close the SwitchPath™ valve regardless of driving mode. If you prefer to take control over your Focus RS' factory exhaust, you can do so via the SwitchPath™ Remote. Simply plug in the SwitchPath™ Remote harness to bypass the factory ECU-controlled valve operation, allowing you to open and close the factory exhaust valve from within the cabin with the SwitchPath™ Remote at any time. All tip options include the AWE logo and double walling to ensure a mirror finish even under hard usage. All tips are individually adjustable, allowing depth into the bumper to be set according to personal taste.Performance. Sound. Fitment. Options. Go.

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