ETS Extreme Catback Exhaust System No Muffler Resonated - Ford Focus RS 2016+

$ 1,369.00

One of the best modifications to your turbocharged vehicle is a quality cat-back exhaust system. This particular exhaust system is a little more aggressive than the norm, and RallySport Direct is proud to bring to you, the ETS Extreme Cat Back Exhaust System. This exhaust system is a straight pipe design with no muffler to allow your turbocharger to really scream under full throtlle with all of the other great features this platform comes with. 

When you combine increasing piping diameter with a straight pipe design allows for reduced turbo lag, along with increases in both horsepower and torque, along with better throttle response and a more aggressive sound. This exhaust system has been crafted using quality stainless steel materials, and exhaust hangers will be welded onto their OEM locations so that no further modifications will need to be performed on the body or chassis for fitment. Note that although it is a straight piped design, the piping will be resonated. 

Hardware will be included to make this exhaust system ready for installation. 

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