JBR Rear Motor Mount for Focus ST/RS

$ 135.00

JBR rear motor mounts are constructed out of 4130 alloy steel. They're then precision TIG welded and powder coated. JBR rear motor mounts are offered in 70, 80 and 88 duromters. The 70 duromter is perfect for the street. The 80 is also excellent for street use and tough enough for the Auto-X track and road course. The 88 is the stiffest mount we offer. It's commonly used on the street, for Auto-X and road course racing and it's all about business at the drag strip.

Our 70 and 80 durometer mounts incorporate a bushing nearly 3" in diameter. The largest bushing available in a rear mount of this style. The larger bushing and our proprietary polyurethane formula provide outstanding performance and durability without sacrificing comfort. Comparison testing has proven that they transfer the least amount of NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness) to the cabin than similar mounts in their class.

The JBR 88 durometer mount utilizes a smaller 1.5" diameter bushing. The smaller, harder bushing has less deflection. This translates in to performance unsurpassed by any other mount on the market. This mount can handle anything you plan to throw at it.

If you're serious about reducing wheel hop and improving shifts, a rear motor mount is an essential modification. From the street to the strip JBR motor mounts get the job done!! 

Features- Designed and manufactured in the USA
- 4130 alloy construction
- Reduced drive train slop
- Precise shifts
- Improved 1/4 mile times
- Bolt-on installation

Includes- 1 Motor Mount
- Mounting Hardware
- Online Installation instructions are available in our support section

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