STRATIFIED X4tra Fuel System (4 Port) - EcoBoost 2.0L/2.3L

$ 1,500.00

  • EcoBoost 2.0T/2.3T powered vehicles
  • E85 blended fuel
  • Full E85 (OEM LPFP needs upgrade past 400whp)
  • Over 650 WHP (can upgrade to larger injectors for more power)

The OEM DI (direct injection) fuel system in the 2.0 EcoBoost can deliver fuel for up to around 375 WHP, but after this point it starts to run out in two main areas: The HPFP (high pressure fuel pump), and fuel injectors. The HPFP is the first to lose pressure and this can cause driveability issues such as sputtering or not running smooth to redline. The DI injectors are soon to follow in terms of flow limitation especially if fuel pressure drops. This can put the motor at risk of running lean and is especially dangerous when running a bigger turbo! Upgrades for these components however, are both expensive and in the case of the HPFP simply not available.

Auxiliary fuel can provide that extra volume of fuel to relieve some of the load that high horsepower builds demand from the OEM fuel system. It also helps run a richer mixture which keeps detonation and heat down which are the major factors that contribute to piston and engine failure. 

Additionally, aux fuel has much better fuel metering and atomization than a WMI system - it is a proper fuel system that is also more reliable.

Direct injected cars offer an increased level of efficiency and capabilities. However, the fuel systems are very expensive and difficult to upgrade when you want to extract more power from the engine. Many OEMs opt to run both port and direct injection systems on their high power vehicles. This way you keep the DI system's efficiency and only use the port aux system at wide open throttle.

The Stratified X4tra 4-Port Fuel System not only addresses both the HPFP and injector shortcomings with a single, plug and play auxiliary fuel system, it also improves upon our existing Stratified Xtra 2-Port Fuel System by providing more precise as well as increased fuel delivery to each cylinder! This is a highly recommended fueling solution when running 500+ WHP with an upgraded turbocharger. 

We made sure to pay attention to the little details such as how the air-fuel mixture would be entering the engine. Our system features injectors that are oriented at an angle towards the cylinder head that spray with a split stream pattern to ensure even fuel distribution to each intake valve. This also ensures that each valve is getting the same amount of cleaning from the fuel.

Furthermore, the ports on the spacer are also angle matched to sit between the intake manifold and the cylinder head to keep the transition of airflow towards the engine as smooth as possible. This not only ensures proper air-fuel mixing is also ensures that you don't lose any power to abrupt transitions that most straight port intake spacers in the market introduce.

Installing the X4tra Fuel System is simple (simpler than a water-methanol injection kit) and it requires no splicing or soldering. It only requires a modification to the intake manifold. No extra tanks or reservoirs or pressure regulators needed.

Once installed, the system should be tuned (tuning is needed!) to work in tandem with the OEM fuel delivery system for seamless and safe power delivery - especially when using ethanol based fuels that have higher fuel flow requirements. 

The controller is programmed using a serial/DB9 port. If you don't have a USB converter cable already make sure you purchase that option. 

95l lb/hr Injectors require an In-Tank fuel pump upgrade


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