Velossa Tech 2013-2014 Focus ST Stage 2 – Brake Cooling Kit

$ 329.00

**Velossa Tech products are custom built to order and may take up to 2 weeks to ship directly from the manufacturer

This kit was designed specifically for the Focus ST, keeping in mind that people may have either 12.6″ or 13.1″ rotors as well as aftermarket setups, this system will allow you to push any brake setup you have, harder than ever before.

You may see well over 100 degrees F drop in rotor temperature during hard braking. Recovery from fade is accelerated on road courses.

We used on-board infra-red and data recording equipment to measure rotor temperature during a race in real time.

Click through the image gallery on this page to see the before and after data acquisition logs.

All stainless steel hardware is included, as well as a downloadable detail installation guide.

No cutting of your bumper is required.

Duct plugs are also included if you daily drive your car and would like to plug the system in a clean manner.

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