XDI HPFP Pump - Focus ST/RS

$ 1,099.00

2013-2018 Ford Focus ST 2.0L

The entire fuel system is comprised of a low-side in-tank pump, a high pressure cam driven pump (HPFP) and, direct injection injectors. The OEM Focus ST fuel system runs out around ~375whp. At low RPMs, the HPFP is first to run out. At high RPMs the OEM injectors run out of duty cycle (direct injection injectors can only spray for half the time of normal injectors because you don't want to spray during the power and exhaust strokes). The in tank LPFP is the last to run out around 475whp.

This HPFP35 flows 35% over stock. The EVO flows the same amount but can hold more pressure (3600psi) which allows it to potentially flow an additional 15-20% over the HPFP35. The HPFP60 is larger and has a 63% high flow over stock and can hold 3800psi of pressure.

The upgraded XDI injectors flow 2000cc/min compared to the OEM 1220cc/min. The injectors flow 64% over stock. They come with tested flow sheets.

With the pump alone, you will gain the most fueling headroom at lower RPMs (peak torque). With the pump and XDI injectors you will gain fueling headroom at both peak torque and peak hp.

With the HPFP35 or EVO and injectors you will be able to run full E85 on the stock turbo. The fueling capacity will allow up to 420-440whp on full E85 (with an upgraded turbo).

The HPFP and/or injectors can be used to AUGMENT the fueling in conjunction with Aux (Xtra) Fuel and used together give you an ultimate fueling solution and clean valves.

This pump and injectors requires pro tuning.

More about this XDI HPFP and injectors

The kit comes with everything you need: the HPFP, an OEM style inlet hose with OEM fuel pressure sensor and an electric pigtail.

Every XDI injector set gets tested and matched at three different operating points and comes with full documentation:
1) 0.8ms/20bar for idle stability
2) 10ms/100bar for static flow reference
3) 6ms/200bar for wot performance and stability


NOTE* These typically have a 2 to 4 week lead time.

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